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Our Commercial Contracts service offers comprehensive legal support to businesses in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various commercial contracts. We understand the significance of well-drafted contracts in protecting your interests, managing risks, and fostering successful business relationships. With our expertise, we ensure that your commercial contracts are tailored to your specific needs and aligned with applicable laws and industry standards.

Our experienced team specializes in handling a wide range of commercial contracts across various industries. We assist clients in drafting and negotiating contracts such as sales agreements, service contracts, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, and more. We prioritize clear and concise language, favorable terms, and thorough risk assessments to protect your business and facilitate successful transactions.

Key features

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial contracts
  • Tailoring contracts to your specific needs and requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Dispute resolution and contract enforcement support
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Our team of skilled lawyers works closely with clients to understand their business objectives, operational requirements, and risk tolerance. We provide practical advice and guidance at every stage of the contract lifecycle, from initial drafting to contract management and enforcement. Our goal is to ensure that your commercial contracts are legally sound, protect your interests, and support your business goals.

  • Clear and well-drafted contracts that minimize ambiguity and misunderstandings
  • Protection of your legal rights and interests
  • Mitigation of potential risks and liabilities
  • Enhanced business relationships through fair and balanced terms
  • Efficient resolution of contract-related disputes

Expertise and team

Our team consists of experienced contract lawyers who specialize in commercial contract matters. We possess in-depth knowledge of contract law, industry-specific regulations, and best practices. With our expertise, we provide insightful advice, meticulous contract drafting, and effective negotiation strategies to help you achieve favorable outcomes.

Evgeny Zhilin


Evgenii Maltsev


Fatime Kurkchi

Junior Associate

Nikita Iovenko

Senior Associate

Maxim Mezentsev

Associated Partner, LL.M. (Germany)

Natalia Kuprikova

Co-Head of Real Estate Practice

Ekaterina Motyvan

Counsel, Co-head of the Real Estate and Construction Practice Group

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