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Our Family and Inheritance Law service offers compassionate legal support and guidance for matters related to family relationships, estates, and inheritances. We understand the sensitivities involved in family and inheritance matters and the importance of protecting your rights and interests. With our expertise, we provide personalized legal solutions to help you navigate these complex areas of law.

Our experienced team specializes in providing tailored legal services in the areas of family law and inheritance law. Whether you require assistance with divorce, child custody, adoption, or estate planning, our services cover various aspects of family and inheritance matters. We offer comprehensive support to help you make informed decisions, protect your loved ones, and preserve your assets for future generations.

Key features

  • Divorce and separation proceedings
  • Child custody and support matters
  • Adoption and guardianship arrangements
  • Estate planning and will drafting
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Inheritance disputes and litigation
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We understand that family and inheritance matters can be emotionally challenging. Our team provides compassionate and personalized legal support to guide you through these sensitive issues. We listen to your needs, provide clear explanations of your legal rights, and offer practical solutions to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Whether you require assistance in negotiating settlements or representing your interests in court, we are here to support you every step of the way.

  • Compassionate legal support for family and inheritance matters
  • Protection of your rights, interests, and well-being
  • Personalized advice and guidance tailored to your unique situation
  • Comprehensive assistance in navigating divorce, child custody, and adoption matters
  • Effective estate planning to ensure the orderly distribution of assets
  • Skilled representation in probate, inheritance disputes, and litigation

Expertise and team

Our team consists of experienced family and inheritance law attorneys who specialize in these areas of law. We have a deep understanding of the legal complexities and emotional dynamics involved in family and inheritance matters. With our expertise and compassionate approach, we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and their families.

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Maxim Mezentsev

Associated Partner, LL.M. (Germany)

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