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Foreign Economic Activity


Our Foreign Economic Activity service offers comprehensive support and guidance for businesses engaged in international trade and cross-border operations. We understand the complexities involved in conducting business across different jurisdictions and navigating international trade regulations. With our expertise, we help businesses optimize their foreign economic activities and achieve success in the global marketplace.

Our experienced team specializes in providing tailored solutions to facilitate foreign economic activities. Whether you are importing, exporting, establishing overseas operations, or seeking international business opportunities, our services cover various aspects of foreign trade and investment. From market research and market entry strategies to trade compliance and international contracts, we provide comprehensive support to help you expand your global footprint.

Key features

  • Market research and analysis
  • Market entry strategies and expansion planning
  • International trade compliance and regulatory guidance
  • International contracts and agreements
  • Supply chain optimization and logistics support
  • Trade finance and risk management
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We work closely with our clients to understand their specific foreign economic activity goals and challenges. Our team provides strategic advice and practical solutions tailored to your business needs. We assist in market research, market entry planning, compliance with international trade regulations, contract negotiations, and supply chain optimization, among other services, to help you navigate the complexities of foreign economic activities.

  • Expert guidance for foreign economic activities
  • Access to market research and analysis to identify international opportunities
  • Strategic planning for market entry and expansion into new jurisdictions
  • Compliance with international trade regulations and mitigation of risks
  • Robust contracts and agreements to protect your interests in cross-border transactions
  • Streamlined supply chain and logistics support for efficient operations

Expertise and team

Our team consists of experienced professionals with deep knowledge of international trade, investment, and cross-border operations. We have helped numerous businesses successfully navigate the challenges of foreign economic activities. With our expertise and global network, we provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your international business objectives.

Evgeny Zhilin


Dr. Pierre Helg

Partner, Attorney at law

Maxim Mezentsev

Associated Partner, LL.M. (Germany)

Nikita Iovenko

Senior Associate

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