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Our Joint Ventures service provides expert legal guidance and support for businesses seeking to enter into joint ventures and strategic partnerships. We understand the complexities involved in collaborative ventures and are dedicated to ensuring that your joint ventures are structured, negotiated, and implemented effectively, maximizing opportunities for success.

At our firm, we specialize in facilitating joint ventures between companies looking to pool resources, expertise, and market presence for mutual benefit. We offer comprehensive legal advice throughout the entire joint venture process, from initial planning and negotiation to drafting and finalizing joint venture agreements.

Key features

  • Strategic guidance on joint venture feasibility and structure
  • Due diligence and risk assessment of potential partners
  • Negotiation and drafting of joint venture agreements
  • Regulatory compliance and governance support
  • Ongoing legal counsel throughout the joint venture lifecycle
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Our experienced team understands the intricacies of joint ventures and the unique legal considerations they entail. We work closely with you to identify compatible partners, assess the feasibility of joint ventures, and develop customized strategies to achieve your business objectives. From structuring the joint venture to navigating regulatory requirements, we provide comprehensive legal support tailored to your specific needs.

  • Access new markets, technologies, and resources through strategic partnerships
  • Share risks and costs with trusted partners, maximizing efficiency
  • Expand market reach and gain a competitive advantage through collaborative efforts
  • Leverage combined expertise to drive innovation and growth
  • Mitigate potential disputes and ensure effective governance through well-drafted agreements

Expertise and team

Our team of experienced attorneys specializes in facilitating successful joint ventures. We possess a deep understanding of corporate and contract law, regulatory frameworks, and industry dynamics. With our expertise, we guide you through every step of the joint venture process, offering strategic advice and practical solutions to protect your interests and foster a successful collaboration.

Evgeny Zhilin


Maxim Mezentsev

Associated Partner, LL.M. (Germany)

Fatime Kurkchi

Junior Associate

Nikita Iovenko

Senior Associate

Natalia Kuprikova

Co-Head of Real Estate Practice

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